Walking For Weight Loss

Walking for weight loss is a great way to be active, help you to lose weight and help you  control you diabetes.

With walking you do not need any membership to purchase for this type of workout.

You just need to put on some good walking shoes and head out the door.

The places that you can walk are like your local school track, in your neighborhood, walk the shopping mall, or do what I do park you car a few blocks away from work and walk to work.

By walking you have a few choice you can walk at a brisk pace to get the heart rate going or slow down your pace for a more relaxing activity.

By just getting off your couch and getting outside to walk of course, is a great way to relieve stress and unwind.

Now you must be thinking that walking is only good for losing weight, but there are many more benefits so continue reading to find out the other benefits.

Benefits of Walking for Weight Loss

Walking not only helps you shed pounds and helps with stress and tension, walking has some other health benefits

Here are five more benefits which includes;

Stronger Heart 

By walking daily helps strengthens the heart.

There are a few studies that show the mortality rate in retired men who walked less than two miles or 3.21 km were almost double that of men who walked more than two miles per day.

This also goes for women that walking for weight loss if you walk for three or more hours per week it reduce their risk of heart attack by 35% compared to women who did not walk at all.

Stronger bones, stronger body

There is a study for women who are postmenopausal that shows that walking for weight loss can improve your bone density.

Women that walking about one mile per day shows a higher whole-body density than women who walked less. Walking can also reduce the rate of bone loss in their legs.

Read more at National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine

Brain Power

You can also improve your cognitive functions by simply walking for about 60 minutes per week.

So during your lunch break maybe you and your co-worker can go for a 30 minutes walk to exercise your body as well as your mind. 

Decrease Depression Symptoms

Did you know that walking can help you ease symptoms of depression as well. By walking for 30 minutes three or five times a week helps minimize depression symptoms.

So as you can see walking is good for the heart, body, mind and soul.

Even more Benefits

Walking can reduce the risk of some diseases like type 2 diabetes and certain cancers like breast and colon cancer. 

Additional walking promotes fitness, So get all the benefits from walking as exercise so you can lose weight, have a healthier heart, body, mind and soul.

Getting Started Walking for Weight Loss

You probably didn't know that walking is an Olympic sport, I didn't know myself until I did some research.

The Olympic sport of walking is called race-walking, and did you also know there is a specific techniques and some rules that must be followed. 

We usually call this power walking, but of course there is leisure walk that you do day to day when you walk your dog, walk with your kids or when you walk to catch the bus.

You might think that leisure walking for weight loss isn’t a good stress relief and staying fit, but you’re wrong you still a good workout.

But if you really want to burn calorie and loss weight, you will want to try power walking

Swings your arms as you walk. By keeping you are at a 90 degree angle, swing your arms back and forth.

Make sure to keep your hand loose and relax, do not tighten your hands into a fist. Make sure to keep your arms close to your body; don’t cross your chest.

Walk with you head up, and make sure you walk with great posture, by leaning forward or back will slow you down, so keep you back straight. 

Keep you head up and relaxed and also keep your shoulder relaxed as well.

Point your toes straight ahead. Do not walk flat footed, but you should be walking heel to toe for the maximum benefit of your power walking.

When you foot makes contact with the road make sure your heal hit the ground first and the push off with your toes.

Walk with long strides, but don’t over stride as this may cause fatigue and you won’t be able to walk for a long time if you do.

So don't over lengthen your stride. Instead keep your stride that works for you, but to increase your speed move your arms faster when in do this your legs will follow suit. Also makes sure to rotate your hips as you walk. 

With this technique this is why power walking isn’t very popular for some people, They feel it looks funny while your walking, but by swinging your hips will help the speed.

If you would like to start a workout program check out my examples Interval Training Workouts

If you have a treadmill at home you can give power walking a try so that you can get a the hang of it. This way you can fine tune your walking technique from the privacy of your own home before you head outside.

Watch the video below to understand the right power walking technique

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