Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes

Have you ever wonder how do you get type 1 diabetes? Let me first start by explain what is Type 1. 

Type one diabetes is an autoimmune diabetes that causes the body to kill off its own insulin producing cells.

Not like type 2 diabetes, there is no link between body size and type one diabetes. 

When Does Type 1 Diabetes Start? 

Type 1 usually starts in childhood or called juvenile diabetes but can also start in adulthood too.

Type one diabetes can come quickly and the symptoms can get stronger day by day.

The earlier you can diagnose the better.

The symptoms of type 1 diabetes are a reaction to the high amount of sugar in the blood.

What Does The Body Try To Do With The Extra Sugar? 

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The first thing the body will do is to flush out the excess sugar through urine, which means you will be going to the washroom to pee alot, especially at night, drinking much more liquid than normal, you may even start to itch down below. 

With the less insulin means that sugar in your blood can not fuel your body cells so you start to feel tired and sleepy, and may start to lose weight rapidly. 

What Will Happen If You Leave Your Diabetes Untreated?

If you leave your Type one diabetes untreated, you may notice you get blurred vision or start  vomiting.

If you start getting any of these symptoms, you should go seek medical help and arrange to see a doctor immediately. 

When you starting getting some of these symptoms, your doctor will prick your fingers and do a glucose test or possibly a urine test. Your doctor may be able to diagnose you there and then.

What Are Type 1 Diabetes Treatment

Type one diabetes is treated by taking insulin.

You have two ways to administer insulin you can start by taking injections and continue taking injections or may be more onto beginning treated by an insulin pump.

When you have been diagnosed with diabetes you will need to test you blood regularly, with a finger prick test.

Once you get your reading you will need to inject yourself with insult or not depending on your blood glucose reading, the injections and blood test do get easier over time.

You will need to be aware of what you are eating, but you will need to pay close attention to how much carbohydrate you are having. 

What Does Research Says About Type 1 Diabetes? 

Research has not been able to give a clear answer on why we get diabetes, but they do know that genetics plays a part and there is also seems to be a link with vitamins D, although the link is not currently understood. 

If you have been diagnosis with type one diabetes not all is doom and gloom, with control you can lead a long and happy life.

People with this type of diabetes are know to live well into their eighties or nineties.

Check out Bob Krause who lived with type one diabetes for over 85 years.

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