Torso Rotation with Medicine Ball

The torso rotation with medicine ball is a great exercise for your obliques. This exercise has a bit of a learning curve, especially for those who are just started exercising. I would suggest to start this exercise without the resistance. Then once you have gotten use to  the exercise introduce the medicine ball.

Start with your back resting on the ball, your feet should be planted on the floor wide with your hips high. Hold the medicine ball above the chest. With your arms straight rotate till it’s parallel  with the floor. When doing this exercise make sure you “suck in” your tummy when you do this movement.

Step 1

Position upper back on stability ball. Hold medicine ball above chest.

Step 2

Rotate laterally until arms are parallel. Keep abs sucked in, chest high.

Step 3

Return to starting position and repeat the movement on both sides.

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