Target Heart Rate Chart

› Target Heart Rate Chart

The Ideal Target Heart Rate For Diabetes

Feel free to use this target heart rate chart to find the ideal target heart that you would need to be to burn fat or improve your cardiovascular.

The chart below will show your maximum heart rate and the targeted HR zone that you will need to lose weight.

It important to exercise within your targeted heart rate zone to get the maximum fat and calorie burning benefits.

In addition the also benefits your overall health.

The chart below will show you the range by age. The age starts at 20 and goes up by increments of 5 until 70.

Although the chart below does not show all the ages find the age that is closest to yours to find the approximate heart range.

Target Heart Rate Chart

Use the chart below to find your target heart rate.

Find the age that is close to yours and use the value in that row.


20 years

30 years

35 years

40 years

45 years

50 years

55 years

60 years

65 years

70 years

 HR Zone 50-85%  

100-170 beats per minute 

95-162 beats per minute 

93-157 beats per minute

90-153 beats per minute

88-149 beats per minute

85-145 beats per minute

83-140 beats per minute

80-136 beats per minute

78-132 beats per minute

75-128 beats per minute

Avg Max HR 100%

200 beats per minute

190 beats per minute

185 beats per minute

180 beats per minute

175 beats per minute

170 beats per minute

165 beats per minute

160 beats per minute

155 beats per minute

150 beats per minute

How to check your heart rate.

During your workout you want to check your exercise heart rate several time during your exercise.

To do so you can test use two fingers and place them on your wrist or your neck.

Once you find your pulse in one of these areas, while watching the clock or watch count the number of beats for 10 seconds.

Then take the number then multiply that number by 6 and you will get your heart rate per minutes.

Use the chart above to find your age or the age that is closest to yours, and make sure that your heart rate is within the beats per minute to get the maximum benefits.

Is it IMPORTANT to know your HEART RATE during a WORKOUT? Why? Heart Rate Zones and Exercise. watch the video below.

For more information about your target heart rate, read this great article about "YOUR TARGET HEART RATE"  at the walking site.

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› Target Heart Rate Chart

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