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Glute Exercise

The single leg deadlift is also call bird pickers or is often called the romanian deadlift while of your legs remains straight during the exercise.

The single leg deadlift focus on strengthens your glutes and hamstring while to improves your balance.

With exercise you can add kettlebells or dumbbells to add some more resistance to this exercise.

As you become progressively stronger you can move from a light  weights to something heavier to improve your strength.

As with most exercise, the single leg deadlift has some different options depending on you ability.

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Step On Doing The Single Leg Deadlift

1. Stand with a dumbell kettlebel or medicine ball positioned near your thighs. 

2. On one leg, bend down to lower the med ball near your ankles. 

3. You can bend your leg slightly, but try to keep it locked into position as you bend down. 

4. Your back leg should kick back as you lower the ball. 

5. Return to the starting position. 

6.Repeat the exercise on the opposite leg.

Watch the video to make sure you are doing this exercise correctly. 

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