Rope Climbers

If you're looking to switch up your ab exercise then try this “rope climbers” abdominal crunches. This exercise puts you abs muscle through the same motion as abs crunches but the added “rope climber” motion gives your abs an extra workout, but also you shoulders and back comes higher off the ground.

So to begin start with you back flat on the floor with your knees bent. crunch your abs and pretend that you're climbing a rope. Alternate back and forth between climbing hands and be sure to breathe out as the abs contract, your neck should be up and your chin up. This exercise should be done at the end of your series of abdominal exercises. You will definitely feel a burn.

Step 1

Lie flat with hands in the air (as if to pull a rope).

Step 2

"Climb" the rope. Crunch the abs. Shoulders should come off ground.

Step 3

Repeat the exercise.

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