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The resistance bands triceps extensions is a exercise that focus on the tricep muscle.

The tricep muscle or the correct term is the brachii muscle, is the muscle that runs on the back of the arm.

The main purpose of this muscle is to extend your arms.

The three muscle that make up the tricep are the long head, medial head and the lateral head muscle.

When doing the upper body exercise, make sure that you work the opposing muscle in the same workout.  

So when you a create a workout plan make sure to add the bicep or hammer curl to this routine, to get a great upper body workout.

How to do the Resistance Bands Triceps Extensions 

The instruction below will show you how to do the resistance bands triceps extensions with one and then with two hands extensions. This way you can strengthen both arms at the same time.

Single Arm Extension

1. Begin by holding the resistance band behind your right shoulder with your elbow pointed up next to your ear.

2. Extend the right arm straight up over your shoulder.

3. Make sure to keep your elbow in next to your ear as you move the arm up.

4. Once you reach the top, hold the position and then return to the start position.

5. Repeat this movement on each side in three sets with 15 repetitions. 

Double Arm Extension

1 To progress your workout, you can try extending both arms at once. 

2 Hold both handles of the resistance band and step one foot onto it where it touches the floor. Bring your other foot forward in front of the band. 

3. Lift up both handles together and bring them behind your back and up to your shoulders. 

4. Your elbows should be pointed forward and up next to your ears. 

5. Make sure your back is straight and aligned with your shoulders. 

6 Extend your arms straight up behind your head. Hold the position. 

7 Lower your arms to the start position together. 

8 For a full workout, repeat this movement in three sets with 15 repetitions.

Tips: Adjust the tension as you get stronger when the lower resistance becomes too easy, try to aims for at least 6 reps.

Watch the video below to make sure your are doing this exercise correctly. The video below will show you one and two are triceps extension.

If you looking for some more Workout Routine for Band Exercise for Arms check out

Oblique Crunch Exercise

The start position of both exercise begin at the same position as a regular crunch, but as you lift off the floor you will do a slight twist of your body in order to engage the oblique muscles.

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