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The resistance band reverse fly is a great upper back workout.

The muscle that this exercise focus on are the shoulders and upper back muscles.

The great part of this workout is that it strengthens a lot of other muscles.

The muscle that this exercise targets are the posterior deltoid, rhomboid and the middle trapezius muscle. 

The trapezius is one of the major back muscle. This muscle is divided into three sections which are the upper, middle and lower. 

The delts or the correct name is called deltoid is the rounded triangle shaped muscle located at the top part of your shoulder.

So this exercise is great to work all the muscle that I just mention above.

How to do the Resistance Band Reverse Fly

The resistance band reverse fly can be done in two different positions, you can do it standing up straight  or bent over with your back parallel to the ground.

1.Grab each handle and place one foot on the center of the band, staggering the other foot behind you. 

2.Stand tall with back straight, abs engaged, knees soft, and arms extended underneath your shoulders. 

3.Bend forward slightly from the waist, bending forward leg and extending back leg. 

4.Now slowly lift both arms straight out to each side, lifting up to about shoulder height. 

5.Return to starting position.

6.Repeat for 6 to 16 repetitions.

Tips: Make sure you breath while you do this exercise, exhale while you lift your arms and inhale while you return you are to the starting position.

The video below shows you how to do this reverse fly bent over.

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