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The resistance band chest press is a great exercise for the chest muscle.

With this exercise you place the band behind your back or you can also wrap it around a sturdy pole.

The main muscle that this exercise focus on is called the pectoralis major which is the largest muscle in the chest.

The pectoralis muscle or pecs for short is the muscle that covers your chest and makes up the bulk of the chest muscle for men and under the breast in women.

Right below the pectoralis muscle is the pectoralis minor. This muscle is also using during this upper body workout. 

Plus the front fibers of the shoulders or the correct name is the deltoid are also tones and strengthened with this exercise as well. 

How to do the Resistance Band Chest Press

If you find this exercise too easy, you can increase the resistance by wrapping the band around your hand a couple times. You can also choose the resistance band that has more resistance.  

1. Loop the band through a sturdy object at chest height. 

2. With your back to the object, grab a handle in each hand and step forward until there's no slack in the band. 

3. Your hands should be at your chest, elbows up and palms facing down . 

4. Press the handles forward and together at the same time . 

5. Return slowly, being careful not to go past your shoulders. 

6  That's one rep. Do 12 to 15.

Tips: If you you like you can do this exercise lying down on a bench. Just make sure you anchor the resistance bands under the bench, by do this exercise on a bench you will engage different muscles include the chest. 

Here is a great site for more resistance band workouts.

Watch the video below to make sure you are doing this exercise correctly

While doing this exercise make sure to keep your foot on the floor to minimize movement of your hips.

For more resistance band exercise click on the link below.

Resistance Band Workouts

The resistance band workout is as good or even better than buying weightlifting equipment. You can get a full workout with resistance training with less money.

Give the resistance band routine a try.

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