Motivation To Exercise

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Do you need some motivation to exercise? Want to be more active but you don’t know how to get motivated?

When it comes to exercise there are many benefits, which includes weight loss, stress relief and reduce risk for certain medical conditions.

Here are some of the medical benefit, which includes reducing high blood pressure, reducing  high cholesterol and help control the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Now if these high risk medical conditions doesn’t motivate you to get moving, then read these 9 tips for a little more incentive. 

Motivation To Exercise

Give one or all nine of these motivations to help you get started to a healthier you.

Find a Workout Buddy

Find and friend, co-worker or a family member to start your exercise routine with. With a workout buddy you can keep each other motivation to exercise.

You know those days you wake up or you just finish work or school and you just don’t feel like exercising, with a workout buddy he or she is there to urge you on.

Also here’s a plus while going to the gym, this is a great way to keep in touch with each other by talking, and keeping up on the latest news.

When you get a chance read who I found as my workout buddy. 

Have Fun

Start a exercise routine that you enjoy.

Your motivation to exercise can be from something that you enjoy like dancing, gardening or walking.

Even if your favorite is as strenuous as an aerobic workout. It’s a place to start.

The more active you become to more that you will want to do and the more energy you will have.

Once you’re ready you will be able to move up to a exercise routine that will include aerobics and strength training.

Start Slow

Do not start of too fast especially if you’re not currently active.

If you start off too quickly you run the risk of hurting or injuring yourself and you will lose you motivation to exercise due to muscle soreness.

Check out these exercise tips to lose weight to get you started on your workout routines.

Choose a Goal

Choosing a goal to get motivated to exercise. Write down your goals in a workout journal or on a piece paper and place it where you can see it often. Modify your goals as often you make it more challenging.

If you notice that you motivation starts to deteriorate then take a look at your goal as a reminder.

Plan for it

Before you start you have to make time for an exercise routine.

If you’re a busy person like myself and find that you have a packed day with work or running errands, then you may need to adjust your schedule.

So if you're a morning person like myself, then you will need to wake up 30 or 45 minutes earlier so you can fit your workout in.  

Or do you like working out in the evening to relieve the stress of the day and give yourself a great night sleep.

Keep Track

This motivation to exercise should have been number 1 to me if you're looking to see results.

By tracking your progress you can look back and see how well you are doing.

It also let others know how much you have exercise and how much progress you have made. Your friends and family can be your support system to keep you motivated.

Use the free exercise calorie to track your exercising and how many calorie you burn during your exercise.

Avoid the Guilt

Once you build up a momentum do not lose your drive to continue for some unforeseen reason that you did not exercise today. Do not fall into the all or nothing trap. Life can throw you a curveball which may keep you from exercising. Just get back on the treadmill, or back to your exercise routine and keep on moving.

Do it for Yourself

List all the reason that you want to exercise to keep yourself motivated. The list that you make does not only have to include weight loss you can put like fitting into your clothing better, be able to keep up with your young children, sleep better or reduce stress.

Get You Mind Right

This motivation to exercise tip has to be one of the most important. You have to convince yourself you want to exercise.

With the right mindset you can reach your weight loss or exercise goals.

Here is motivation quote I like to refer to often for many different things.

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goals; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."

by Thomas Jefferson

Canadian Diabetes Association

Watch the video below to get you for some more motivation.

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