Medifast Diet Review for Diabetics

Medifast Diet Review - The Medifest Diet is a great meal replacement for diabetics and is also the oldest program on the market.

The Medifest diet plan has pre-packaged, pre-cooked and pre-portioned meals that is delivered to your home.

The most popular of Medifast diet plan is called the “5 plus 1” It allows you to eat 5 pre-packaged meals plus 1 “ Lean And Green Meal” that the company prepare themselves using fresh lean meat or fish with a delicious salad.

You can start today and

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A week’s supply has 5 pre-packaged meals the cost around $300 for the “5 plus 1 plan”

Also the company has special meals just for new mothers, teens, seniors, weight-loss sugery and gout patients.

As a bonus the Medifast diet plan also provide you with a online help and communities, exercise guides and a one on one help from registered dietitians and personal trainers

Watch this video to learn more of the “5 plus 1 plan”.

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How Does The Medifast Diet Program Work?

The Medifast diet plan drastically cuts down your calorific intake of dieters through a package of pre-packed, portioned meals the are low in carbs and high in protein.

In most of the meal replacement are soy or whey protein, which help dieters to feel full longer on a low-calories plan.

By providing a low carbohydrate, daily intake of 800 to 1000 calories, the Medifast diet plan helps diets lose a guaranteed 2 to 5 pounds a week while you lose a minimum about of muscle mass.  

This go as high as as 20 pounds for the first week for people the a overly obese.

The Medifast diet review plan take all the guesswork where people on a diet do not have to measure, buy, portion or cook their food.

It’s one of the first and oldest and the very few weight loss meal replacement program  that has been clinically tested by an independent agencies. and yet found to be effective.

The pre-packaged food is high on nutrition, and tasty and filling which makes it an easy diet to follow planning and taste wise. 

The Medifast diet review plan is a very strict and drastic weight loss plan that most nutritionist believe that a calorie intake lower than 1200 calories is not safe.

 So speak to your doctor first before trying a Medifast diet plan to see if it’s safe for you.

Another major drawback of this diet is that you must continue to eat a healthy eating habit after to leaving the diet plan and may be tough, since you will have to learn how to eat healthier from scratch.

The Medifast diet review has been clinically proven to be safe with more than 25 years of success.

However, one should turn to it only in drastic cases when the only option left is to either go on a tis diet or a weight reduction surgery.

This options is also great for extremely overweight people who are suffering from a number of weight related ailments like type 2 diabetes, heart disease etc.

In all cases, it should be undertaken only with medical supervision and slightly overweight people are recommended to try out less drastic diet.

Watch the videos below of some success stores:

The Medifast Diet Review Plan For Diabetes

The Medifast diet plan has been clinically proven to help Type 2 diabetic like myself to control your weight.

There are clinical study results that shows client with Type 2 diabetics that follow the Medifast program lost twice as much weight as those that only follow the American Diabetes Association's (ADA) recommended food guidelines and were twice as likely  to sticky with the diet. Many people with type 2 diabetes that were able to decrease or eliminate their diabetes medication.

So if you would like to give it a try click here.

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