Lat Pulldowns

The Lat pulldown is a great exercise for you back, it works the largest muscle in the back called the latissimus dorsi. The other names that you might heard people call them are “Lats” or “Wings”, The Lats are usually used any time that you pull something example:  when you open a car door or  fridge door you usually use this muscle.

If the machine has leg pads, adjust them as needed. First, grasp the lat pulldown bar. Your grip should be about shoulder width. Sit down in the seat with your arms extended. Pull the bar down to your upper chest/neck area. Be sure to keep an erect posture (chest high with lower back arched). Slowly allow the bar to ascend to the starting position. Be sure to control the speed of the bar going up. Stop the momentum of the bar just short of allowing the elbows to fully extend.

Step 1

Grasp lat bar with shoulder width grip. Sit down in seat.

Step 2

Maintain erect posture with chest high. Pull lat bar down to neck/chest area.

Step 3

Allow bar to ascend. Control momentum.

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