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This inner thigh workout is a great exercise that strengthens and tones the inner thigh.

If you are going to strengthening your inner thigh make sure that you work the outer thigh.

In any strengthening workout you want to work opposing muscles.

The inner thigh muscles runs from the knee up to the groin along the inside of the upper leg.

When you are doing this exercise, you will feel it in your hips and in the abdominal muscles.

While doing this exercise you want to make sure you are doing this workout correct to really feel this in the inner thigh.

When you first start off make sure you start with the lighter resistance band. If you fine that’s too easy you can always increase the tension by using a higher resistance band.

How to do the Resistance Band Inner Thigh Workout 

Before you start this exercise, make sure you sit up nice and tall. By doing this not only works your inner thigh it also engages your abdominals muscle as well. 

1. Sit down on the mat with both legs stretched out in front of you.

2. Place the band around your right foot in the arch .

3. Hold the band with your right hand up close to the body.

4.Take your left arm and place it behind you and grab onto the handles of the band.

5. Lift the right leg and swing it out to the side. Turn your foot out slightly to open up the hips.

6. Now slowly bring your right leg back to the other leg while squeezing the inner thighs. Make sure the leg doesn't come back down to the ground.

7. Repeat this for 10 - 15 reps and repeat for the other leg.

Here is a great site for more resistance band workouts.

Watch the video below to make sure you are doing this exercise correctly

While doing this exercise make sure to keep your foot on the floor to minimize movement of your hips.

Resistance Band Workouts

The resistance band workout is as good or even better than buying weightlifting equipment. You can get a full workout with resistance training with less money.

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