Inclined Dumbbell Press on Workout Ball

The dumbbell incline press, on a workout ball, is a good exercise for the chest and triceps muscles.

Starting Position: To perform this exercise, select a pair of dumbbells and sit on the exercise ball. From a sitting position, walk your feet out away from the ball to allow yourself to lie on the ball. Your lifting position should be one where your lower back and shoulders are on the ball, feet are about shoulder width apart, and your hips should be lower than your shoulders.

Movement: Start by holding dumbbells with palms facing forward. Arms should be bent at approximately a 90 degree angle with dumbbells slightly above shoulders. Similar to a normal bench pressing motion, start by slowly push dumbbells straight up above chest, straightening arms, and bring dumbbells together at the top of the motion. While pressing dumbbells upwards, remember to exhale. Once dumbbells have reached the top of motion and arms are straightened, pause and slowly return dumbbells to starting position.

Step 1

Position upper back on ball. Hold dumbbells near shoulders. Hips should be low to the ground to create an inclined position.

Step 2

Press dumbbells upward, just short of locking the elbows. Exhale.

Step 3

Lower dumbbells back to starting position.

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