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Do you know the importance of cooling down after a workout? Do you think that cooling down is a waste of time?

Then you are missing out on some exercise benefits.

There are some extra benefits of stretching and cooling after your exercise.

Most people are done after a long hard workout, they just stop and end their routine. 

This does not give your body time to recover or for the muscle to restretch after the workout.

Cooling down, or the recovery time period, give your body time to recover from a hard workout.

By stretching after a exercise routine, what it does is help lengthen and strengthen your muscle in preparation for the next exercise routine.

Importance of Cooling Down Muscles After Exercise

Many people usually tends to skip the warm up and the cool down before and after a workout, but the cool down is the most overlooked part of an exercise routine that people will skip.

But the cool down is as important as the warm up period but brings you different benefits than the warm up routine.

While doing an aerobic exercise routine you are bring your heart rate into a fat burning or a cardio rate zone depends on how intense you workout.

The main reason to do a cool down is to bring your body’s temperature, breathing and heart rate back to a normal rate.

Another plus when it comes to a cool down is you allow your blood to properly redistribute itself to the heart.

By redistribution the blood it helps rid the muscle of lactic acid which can build up around the muscle during a workout.

If you stop your exercise abruptly and you do not cool down, the blood can pool around your muscle in your legs.

If a cooling down is not done this can cause insufficient blood flow and oxygen to the brain giving you a light headed and dizzy sensation. You might feel dizziness, nausea and feeling worn out are common symptoms of an improper or not cooling down period.

The Cool Down Routine

When doing your cool down it should last at least 5 minutes.

But some cool down routines can last as long as 15 minutes, depending on how  long and strenuous your exercise was.

While doing the cool down, slowly lower your speed and intensity level by running slower.

Keep on cooling down by jogging in place then marching in place to eventually walking in place. 

As you slow your pace down, make sure to lower your arms as well to help bring your heart rate back normal. 

At the end of your cool down your arms should not go above your heart. Just swing them slowly by your side.

Stretching After Your Workout 

After you cool down you should include some stretching exercises.

Your muscle should be nice and warm after your exercise and cool down for which is more beneficial to all your major muscles.

By doing static stretching on all the major muscles and any muscles you used during your workout.

When you are stretch your muscle make sure to hold the stretch for 30 seconds.

As always remember that your exercise routine does not end with aerobics, strength training or walking or jogging.

Your workout should begin and end with a warm up and cool down.

So the next time you do your next exercise routine be sure to understand the importance of cooling down and the warming up by making time for these two steps of you workout.

Make sure you read the Importance of warming up.

Here is a great video I found on youtube called Cool Down and Full Body Stretch - Relaxing Cool Down and Stretching Workout Routine

Here are some more information about  "The importance of warm-up, cool-down, and flexibility in injury prevention"

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› Importance of Cooling Down

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