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HIIT Training Workouts Continued....

If you have completed the beginning level interval training workouts and you want to take your workout the next level here are some more example of intermediate and advanced HIIT workouts.

In addition of these HIIT training workout or interval training workout being longer they are also higher in the intensity level.

With the added intensity and the longer workout will help you burn more calories and fat than the beginner’s level.

If you are just starting out on HIIT training I would suggest to start off at the beginner’s level interval training workouts.

If you think that you are ready to try this workout, then use these workout example to get you started.

The exercise below uses a treadmill.

By using this exercise equipment it allows you to change up the incline and intensity quickly.

But feel free to use other equipment that you are able to change you intensity quickly like a exercise bike, elliptical machine or take you exercise outdoors.

Use the links below to jump to the example workout that you would like to try.

Intermediate Example Workout

Before you start doing this intermediate workout example be sure you have completed the beginner’s interval training workout first.

Once you're at the end of that workout and you feel like you can do more then it’s time move to intermediate. 

At the intermediate level is a 30 minutes workout that alternate between low, medium and high intensity.

In this workout it includes a brisk walk, jog and a sprint all at different levels of incline which is really challenge during your routine. 

Before you start this workout you want to make sure that you exercise within your target heart rate. So slow it down if you need to or speed up if you need it.

So let’s begin your routine with a 5 minute of warm-up and stretches and then do the workout below.

End with a 5 - 10 minute cool down and stretches.

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Advanced HIIT Training

The below HIIT training workout isn’t for meek or mild. These workout is idea for someone who is in great shape to complete this one.

The advance workout is a 45 minutes with intensity levels from low to high, which includes a 5 minutes warm up and about a 5 minutes for a cool down so in total this is a 55 minutes routine.

End with a 5 - 10 minute cool down and stretches.

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If you're looking for more of a challenge check out the video below.  

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