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Over the pasts month I found some great free weight loss program that does not cost a dime to sign up, so read my reviews an see which one is right for you.

As a type 2 diabetic or pre-diabetic these free programs can help you lose weight and control you blood sugar, and for my non-diabetics friends you too can sign up to these programs to loss weight.

My review of these weight loss program might be different from your experience, the information is meant to give you a guide for you to choose the best free weight loss plan for you.

Read my reviews of the free weight loss diet programs and see which one is right for you.

All three of these programs are free to join, and your will have access to their free programs and their tools.

So just choose the weight loss program you want to see the program that’s right for you.

I will give you a short review on all the free programs with the pros and cons and what they offer free.

Free Weight Loss Program For Diabetics

Did you ever wonder how these free weight loss programs made there money?

Well, every site has cost to upkeep the and maintain it. Even my site has a cost to maintain it as well.

Like my site most site generate revenue from somewhere in order to keep it free for you. The website generate money in different ways.

For most of the free weight loss plans, they usually generate revenue by advertising or selling a product or both.

It does not matter how these site generate their revenue, at the end of the day these site are free to use. But this explains why these free weight loss programs have “advertisements” on their sites. It’s what help these site to generate their revenue so the you can continue to use it for free as a customer.

Spark People

The Spark People has to be one of the best weight loss program online.

The best part of this site it’s absolutely free weight loss plan that have the same features as the popular paid sites.

The tools that available to you are weight tracking, water intake tracker, daily meal plans, fitness plan and tracking report.

The best part about Spark People you can adjust the meal plans by adding, deleting and substituting  food in the suggested plan. Like the meal plan you can adjust you exercise plan by adding strength training or cardio.

Another plus about Spark People is the Sparkpoints. These are great motivators to keep you on track on and keep you moving through the step to track your progress.

And lastly the have a great community that you can jon for support.

Check out if you want to see more about their free weight loss plans.

Fit Day

Fit Day is another free weight loss program. This program tracks your weight and your foods and exercise activities. 

In addition to the free account you get access to a nutritional database that you can customize foods as well.

With Fit Day you do not get a meal plans or fitness plans but you can record what you eat and which exercise you do and for how long.

The free version does give you a lot, but if you have an extra $29.95 you might want to choose the paid version which will allow us it “off line” by purchase the software called FitDay PC software. It has the same report tracker as the online version, you will have quicker access by using FitDay PC.

When you purchase the FitDay PC you are able to customize the nutritional goals as well as enhanced tracking features.

If you like Fit Day you can also get the premium version for the online tools for $49.95. What you get is an enhanced tracking, customized goals and there are no ads with the paid premium account.

If you like you can try it out the free weight loss program or if you have a few dollars you can get the paid version. Check out to find more about the programs.

Fit Click

Here is another free weight loss program that you can give a try. 

Once you register you can use Facebook to login or sign up on the site, you start by choosing a diet plan for you. Their are low carbs diets, vegetarian diets, diabetic diets and much more.

Once you have choose a diet plan, you want to follow the given daily meal plan.

The meal that they suggest all have recipes so there's no guessing on how to prepare. The best part about the diet plan is that you can add, swap, delete and save foods to your favorites.

A great exercise tips to lose weight is when you're doing strength training is to alternate your muscle group. Don’t work the same muscles two days in a row.

As for aerobic exercise, a good rule of thumb is that you should be able to talk. Here is an example, you should be able to say a sentence or two, but you should not be able to sing a complete song.

So if you can still sing a song, then you need to move it up a notch and if you can’t talk then slow it down a bit. Make sure you are working within your target heart rate zone.Another great feature in addition to your meal plan you can have Fit Click create a workout plan. You select from beginners to advance and it with give you a few weekly workout suggestions. You also have the choice to create your own workout plan. If you do not like the weekly workout plan, you have the choose to skip this step and just record your own exercise.

Fit Click also have tracking abilities online. You can keep track of your weight, measurements (waist, hips, etc.) body % and more, and you can also track your blood pressure, blood glucose and chatesteol. 

As a add bonus with this diet program you can join a support community, with recipes finder, weight loss tips and more. So give this free weight loss program a try at

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