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These fat burning foods for diabetics can help you lose weight, shed fat and help you get your diabetes under control. So the next time that you plan your next meal  eat the foods listed below so that it can help burn off the extra fat.

The food that help you burn extra fats are those that need more energy to digest while given you the least amount of energy.

So when you're looking for food that’s burns fat you need to looks at foods that are low in calories but needs a lot of energy to process. 

The food that you will eat will help burn more fat and calories as your body digest it. 

So foods that are high in protein tend be the best to burn more fat.

The reason why protein helps burn more fat is because it requires more energy to process protein than fat, so therefore the more protein that you eat the more calorie that you burn.

But the foods that burn fat does not stop there with protein.

Keep reading to see the entire fat burning foods for diabetics.

Proteins to Burn Fat


Eggs are high in protein and have a good source of vitamin B12 which help you break down and burn fat. In the past eggs was that bad foods to eat because of the high cholesterol content.

In recent studies have found that dietary cholesterol have very little effect on blood cholesterol.

Now if you're still worried about eating eggs then try just eating egg white or an egg substitute.


The bean that are high in protein, fiber and iron are navy, kidney and white beans. Make sure you cook these beans as some fibers can cause gastrointestinal disturbances. Also try to minimize refried beans or baked beans as the have are high in fat and sugar.

Lean Cuts of Meat

We all know that meat is high in protein but you want to make sure the cuts you use are lean.

When you choose lean cuts of meat you will get the benefit of protein but not the added fat. When buying meats make sure your purchase the leans cuts of meat like lions.

Don’t just only eat beef but try to mix it up like eating turkey and pork. But be careful as basted turkey usually are injected with fat and would not qualify are a fat burning food. 


Now most people including myself (lol) can't stand Tofu but this food is a great source of protein specifically soy protein.

ToFu is on the list of fat burning foods for diabetics because of it’s a high protein content and also it’s health benefits.


Fish like salmon and tuna are not the only fish that are high in protein but it’s a great source of omega-3 fatty acids.

These fatty acids are essential and are the good fats. 

Salmon and Tuna are not only great source of protein and fatty acids but it also boost your immune system, so whenever you get a chance try to eat one of these fish once or twice a week.

Check out all the benefits of fish by reading this article.

Dairy, Fruits, Veggies and Fiber

Dairy Products

Calcium and protein in low fat or fat free dairy products are a great ways to lose weight and help to build muscle. By building muscle mass you are burning more fat and calories, the reason is muscle are more metabolically demanding.

Low fat and skim milk, yogurt and cheese are a great source of calcium. These food not only help burn fat but also help strengthen bones as well.

Fruits & Veggies

Did you know that vitamin C is the secret vitamin that burns fat, like the vitamin found in citrus fruits. The reason why vitamin C helps burn fat is because it reduces fat’s effectiveness and can dilute fat so that it exits the body. 

The foods that have a great source of vitamin C are citrus fruits include grapefruit, oranges, limes and lemons just to name a few.

So when you have your 3 fruits per day make sure that one of those fruit is a citrus fruit.

There are a few vegetable that offer high vitamin C that will help you burning fat. These vegetables are broccoli, cabbage and celery.Veggies also offer high fiber content which also help in burning fat.

High Fiber Foods

Did you know that foods that are  high in fiber helps you eliminates waste from your body which helps you minimize food as stored fat. When looking for foods in high fiber make sure you choose food with whole grain. Whole grains breads and cereals are the best sources of fiber.

Try having a bowl of whole grain cereal with skim milk to combine two fat burning foods for diabetics into one meal.

Other fat burning foods for diabetics

Food like olive oil, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and garlic have been found to also burn fat as well. Did you know that garlic is a natural blood sugar regulator to help keep insulin levels low. This allows food to be used as energy instead of storing the food as fat.

Did you know that ¼ of cinnamon can help metabolize sugar 20 times faster and lower the body’s blood sugar level. 

Also cayenne peppers and other spicy peppers trigger a thermodynamic burn which keeps burning calories for hours after you have finished eating.

Did you also know the extra virgin olive oil give you 85% of the daily value of monounsaturated fats. These are the good fat that you body needs. Oliver oil can help keep your bad cholesterol levels down and will also help in burning fat.

So the next time you create your next recipe, try adding some of these fat burning foods for diabetics in your meal.

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