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Exercise to burn fat - As I did my research for this website the question that I saw come up the most is what exercise to burn fat was the best.There are many website and experts still debating this very topic today. 

There are many claims and statement by website that say they have the best fat burning exercise.

Unfortunately, those sites that I found still don’t agrees what is the best fat burn exercise.

But what I found there are two common factors that all of them could agree on.

The first common factor they do agree on is some form of aerobic exercise , also know as cardiovascular exercise of cardio for short. 

The second factor of exercise to burn fat is you must build lean muscle by doing strength training exercises.

Now where the expert disagree on is not whether or not to include exercise, but at what intensity should the exercise be performed or how long should you do these exercise for to burn fat.

So to help you understand the difference I have outline each form of exercise so that your questions can be answered.

Aerobic Exercise To Burn Fat

The best weight loss workout should includes both the aerobic exercise and strength training

The best aerobic exercises that gets your heart pumping are walking briskly, bike riding, using an elliptical machine and jogging are just a few.

When doing an aerobic exercise you want to make sure you get your heart rate in your target heart rate to get the benefit from your fat burning exercise routine .

Here is a good tip to make sure you’re doing the aerobic exercise correctly. You should be able to have a light conversation, try saying a few sentence at at time. But you shouldn’t be able to sing a complete song nor you should be out of breath.

Now if can sing the song you should move it up one notch or if you’re are having a hard time breathing bring it down one level.

Strength Training Exercises

Strength training exercise is any exercise that help you build lean. This does not mean you will bulk up with excessive muscle , but you will instead strengthen and tone your body. 

So you’re asking yourself why should I do strength training, Well, when you do strength training, you are building lean muscle.

The more lean muscle that you have the higher your basal metabolic rate (BMR)

You BMR is responsible for 60 to 70% of the calories you burn in a day.

Read this article about basal metabolic rate to understand more.

Strength training can be perform by resistance band exercises, dumbbell exercises or doing weightlifting exercises.

I would suggest that weight training seem to be the recommended exercise to burn fat.

Which ever strength training that you choose, just make sure that you are doing it correctly to get the most benefits of your fat burning exercise routine. 

Here is a great article on How to burn more fat while exercising

Here is a great 37 Minute Fat Burning Cardio Workout by  Fitness Blender.

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