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This free exercise calorie calculator spreadsheet is a great tool to calculate the number of calories you burn during exercising. 

What great about this spreadsheet calculator is that you can select the exercise enter the duration, your age and gender and it will give you how much calories that exercise burns.

In order to use this free excel spreadsheet you will need to download the zipped file to your computer and then unzip it. 

Please click on the picture or here to download the file. 

How To Use This Exercise Calorie Calculator

After you have downloaded and unzipped the file, you will need to enter your name, gender, age, select activity and duration and the total calories burned will be displayed. 

Why You Should Use This Calorie Calculator

When it come to lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit, this mean that you will need to consume fewer calories that you burn. 

While you exercise you will burn calories through exercise and your basal metabolic rate. So the more that you exercise the more calories that you will burn and also increase your BMR.

By using the excel spreadsheet it will help you track your daily calories you burn during exercising to make sure you have create calorie deficit.

What is great about this spreadsheet is that you can add up to 15 type of activities and get your overall calorie you burn during a day. 

In addition to knowing how much calories during a workout you will also need to know the approximate calories to burn from your BMR, So you can check out my BMR spreadsheet here to know your BMR. 

With these two components , you will know how many total calories you need for the the day.

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