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Eating Healthy with Diabetes

If you're looking for some great tips on eating healthy? I'm going to give six tip that I follow that you can use to help you build your healthy menu.

When it come to eating healthy you should look at it as a lifestyle change than as a short term diet. With these small changes you will be able achieve your weight loss and  control your diabetic goals.

 Tip number 1

Choose whole foods

Let’s take the example of beard, we all love bread myself included but when I did my research on white bread. I found out that it boost my blood sugar and it wasn't a healthy choice.

The healthier choice I would suggest is eating 100% whole wheat bread, the reason is that whole wheat bread take much longer to break down into your blood sugar and keeps you fuller longer.

Make sure when you do choose 100% whole wheat bread that it does says 100%. When you read the ingredients it should say whole wheat and not processed whole wheat.

If it says processed then it not whole wheat.

In addition on choosing healthy choices you need to watch your portion control. Too much of anything can lead to overeating so watch your consumption.

Eating Healthy Tips #2

Eat more Natural foods

You see processed food tends to lose it’s nutritional value and are often increased calories and fat as the food is being processed.

A great example if you take tomatoes vs tomato sauce.  A medium tomato has only 22 calories, no fat, 5 g carbs and 6 mg sodium.

But if you take 4 ounces of tomato sauce has 36 calories, no fat, 8 g carbs and 587 mg of sodium. 

Eating Healthy Tips 3

Cook healthy Recipes

When it comes to cooking most people now a day don’t have time to cook, but the way to eat healthy is to find great healthy recipes, like the ones on this site.

When looking for recipes try to find ways to make them healthier. For example  fried chicken. Instead of frying your chicken you can bake it instead.

If you enjoy baking instead you can replace the oil with apple sauce, This will keep you cake moist without all that fat. Try using sugar substitutes instead of sugar.

Switch your whole milk to 1% or to skim milk, When I was younger I use to drink only 2% but now a days I drink only 1% and I don’t taste the difference.

Eating Healthy Tips #4

Eat less sugar

As a diabetic this is a must for us,  but to come to think about it I think everyone should reduce your sugar intake when it comes to weight loss.

Try changing from regular sweetened drinks to water, diet soda or green tea. Also be careful from the juices that you drink, Some of those juice contain the same amount of sugar as a regular can of soda.

Read the label and check to see how much sugar a foods has that you’re going to have. Try to eat sugar free or reduce sugar of the favorite foods that you consume.

When it comes to sugar it has no real benefit just empty calories, so reduce that amount of sugar that you consume wherever possible.  

If you want to see results in weight loss and control your blood sugar, you must reduce that amount of sugar you eat.

Eating Healthy With Diabetes Tip Number 5

Drinking while dieting 

When you trying to lose weight drinking while dieting is a bad combination when it comes to losing weight. But there will be occasions during the holidays or a celebration to have drink.

So if you're going to drink try to drink  in moderation if you want to be successful with weight lose and diabetes control.  

So did you know that some alcoholic drink rate better than other when it comes calorie. If you would like to know how much calories that some of the most popular drink have check out this article  on  Diet friendly alcohol choices on 

Tip Number 6

Eat more Fruits and Vegetables

You all remember when your mother told you that you should eat your vegetable that they are good for you, well to tell you the truth she was right.

The Experts at Health Canada and the USDA suggest that everyone should eat between 5 – 9 vegetable and fruit servings a day.

Here are some to the benefits of eating vegetable and fruit, for one they tend to keep  you satisfied longer, they are a great source of fiber and finally the have tons of vitamins and minerals.

When eating try to make sure that your plate is as colorful as possible. That way you can makes sure your getting all the vitamins and minerals that your body need.

Here are more tips in eating healty.

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