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Dumbbell workouts what is it exactly? To come to think about it what are dumbbells?

The dumbbell is a piece of weight training equipment that is also considered a type of free weight.

These weight will help you to build lean muscle mass by providing additional resistance, in other words strengthening exercise.

The great thing about dumbbells can be done at home or gym.

Dumbbell Workout Videos

The links below are some of the most common dumbbell exercise around but they are many more exercises you can do with dumbbells, also there are two great workout video that I found on youtube that you can do. The first set of dumbbell workouts is the upper body and the second set is of the lower body.

The first set of exercise you can do each exercise for about 10 reps and then move onto the next exercise. Do about 3 set it you want to tone your upper body.

Here is a great upper body workout that you could try by fitness blender.

Before starting this workout out make sure to read the Importance of Warming Up and cooling down.  

The next set of dumbbell exercise will focus on your lower body to help you tone your legs, hips, calves and more.

After you have complete all 8 exercise for your lower body, give the lower body workout video a try.

If you looking for even more Dumbbell Exercises check out weight-training-exercises.com

The Different Types of Dumbbells and Dumbbell Workouts

Type of Dumbbells

When it comes to dumbbells there are two types.

1) Adjustable dumbbells and 2) Fixed Weight Dumbbells. 

The adjustable dumbbells usually has a metal bar where the weight can be added or removed. There is another adjustable dumbbells that I use that are called power blocks with those it is just one dumbbell by remove a pin you can  increase or lower the weight.

The other type of dumbbells are called fixed or static weights that can not be adjusted. You can usually buy fixed dumbbell weights in set, that range in weight size in the set.

For example a set of weight might come in 5lbs, 10lbs or 20lbs weights.

The Different Dumbbell Exercises

Most of the exercise that are dome with dumbbells are held in your hands, so this is the reason why there are more upper body exercise than lower.

The exercise include shoulders, back, chest and arms (biceps, triceps, etc).

Since there more exercise for the upper body you can great a great lower body workout as well, like lunges or squats can be done while holding the dumbbells.

By doing lunges and squats it will give you extra weight resistance to your legs and glutes.

Also any exercise that you can do on the floor, you can add some weight by holding the dumbbells. This way all exercise that you do can be called dumbbell exercises.

The Advantages of Doing A Dumbbell Workouts

One of the pros of doing dumbbell exercise is the convenience. The best part about these exercise is that you can do them at the gym or at home. Dumbbells are a very inexpensive way to do strength training for the entire body, and it is very easy to store as it takes up little space.

With this equipment you can strengthen from your arms to your calves, dumbbells give you a great way to strengthen all your muscle groups.

Unlike barbells, which only gives you one range of motion, by using dumbbells you get variety of ranges which works different muscle areas.

By using dumbbells it will help you to develop your lagging side of your body, it do you have one.

Often people will have a leg or arm that is stronger than the other.

So as you can see if you do strength training with a barbell, the stronger muscle will do most of the work.

However, with dumbbells, you can work both sides at the same time like you arms or legs independently.

The Disadvantages of Dumbbells

One of the problems of using dumbbells is that you might outgrow your weight. For example as you get stronger you may need to move up to a weight if you want to keep getting stronger.

Once you build up you strength you can add additional weight or adjust the dumbbell to increase the weight or if you like you can just hold two dumbbells at one time.

How To Do This Exercise

With these workouts you can do most of these exercise standing up or sitting down. However, some will need need a workout to lay down,  or something similar will be require.

When it comes to strength training, make sure you are doing these exercise correctly for a couple of reason.

The main reason for doing these exercise properly is to reduce the risk of injury and the second reason is it will strengthen your muscle correctly, by targeting the correct muscle.

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