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Did ever wanted to know what dumbbell upright row was good for?

The upright row is a great exercise to target the top and sides of your shoulders.

For women; use lighter weights with high repetitions which will tone and define the neck and shoulders.

As for men by using higher weights and low repetitions, this exercise is also great if you want to build size and width in your shoulders ,also strengthen your deltoids and trapezius. 

So are you ready to give the upright row a try, follow the step by step instruction and watch the video to make sure you are doing it correctly.

How to do the Dumbbell Upright Row

When choosing a dumbbell make sure the weight is correct for your fitness level. This is the larger muscle, so try to use a heavier weight while doing this workout. 

1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and with the dumbbells, making sure you have your palms pointing towards you. 

2. Raise upper arms out to the side, letting your elbow bend so that your hands come to your collarbone. 

3. Lead the upward motion with your elbow. Raise your hands as close to shoulder height as you can keeping your elbows higher than your hands. 

4. Then slowly lower your arms back down to a full extension before repeating the motion. 

5. Continue for a set number of repetitions or a set time period.

Here is a great site for more Dumbbell workout. 

Watch the video below to make sure you are doing this exercise correctly

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