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Do you know what the dumbbell pullover good for? 

Well this exercise is a great for your back, it works the largest muscle in the back called the latissimus dorsi. 

The other name that you might have heard it call is “Lat” or “Wings”, this muscle is used when pull something like when you open a car door or  fridge door you usually use this muscle.

How To Do The Dumbbell Pullovers

1. Select the appropriate dumbbell and set it near the edge of a weight bench.

2. Position your upper back (shoulder blades) on the bench. 

3. Reach over, grasp the dumbbell, and hold it over your head with an overlapping hand grip. 

4. Next, keep your arms locked into position, and lower the dumbbell straight back until it is parallel to the floor. 

5. Return to the starting point. 

6. Repeat the movement as needed.

Here is a great site for more Dumbbell workout. 

Watch the video below to make sure you are doing this exercise correctly

If you are looking for more dumbbell workout click on the links below.

Dumbbell Workouts

Here are some great dumbbell workouts that you can try at home or at the gym which also include two free workout videos.

Dumbbell Hammer Curl

The dumbbell hammer curl has a the same movement like the dumbbell curl but the only difference is you will holding the weight slightly different than the curl exercise. 

Dumbbell Triceps Extension

The dumbbell triceps extension is a great exercise that focuses on the triceps.

Dumbbell Triceps Kickback

Dumbbell triceps kickback exercise is another great exercise that focus on the triceps.

Below is a great 34  minutes Shoulder and Neck Exercises and Stretches also this workout will include the Shoulder Shrugs.

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