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Managing diabetes with a diet is one of the key in controlling your blood sugar levels.

People with diabetes like myself  have a wide range of dietary requirements from person to person.

As a result, there is no one diet for diabetes that will work for everyone and people should pick a diet that matches their individual needs.

If you have been newly diagnosed with diabetes please consult a dietitian before trying any of the diet programs below.

Which diet for diabetes is right for you?

Before you start following a diet plan please follow these tip before select a diet.

When you hear someone say they should eat a healthy balance diet, this mean plenty of fruits and vegetables, try to include fruits and vegetables of different colors.

Limit the amount of starchy foods that you consume it is found to have a direct influence on blood sugar, so try to eat smaller portions of these and/ or lower food on the glycemic index. Example whole grain breads, sweet potatoes  and brown rice which are higher in fibre and takes much longer to break down into glucose.

Saturated fats plays a negative roles when it comes to unhealthy eating, try to limit the amount of unhealthy fat that you eat, for example: french fries,pastries, chips and sweet foods such as cakes, doughnuts and cookies. Instead eat healthy unsaturated fats that are found in foods like avocados, nuts and oily fish, such as salmon, mackerel or herrings.

The worst meat that you should also limit are processed meat, like hot dogs and cold cuts.

The last tip when it comes trp to lose weight with diabetes is portion control and having water before eating. Try making more home meal is a great way to improving your diet and is fresher to avoid the uncertainties on what goes into pre-packaged foods and snacks. 

For more tips on eating healthy with diets check out this article at National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

The diets listed below will have both the benefits and the disadvantages of each plan:

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