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Diet.com Weight Loss Review

Out all the diabetic weight loss diet programs Diet.com is just a few that take your personality into account when it comes to building a meal and exercise routines.

Diet.com was founded by Dr. Robert Kushner, author “Dr Kushner’s Personality Type Diet”

The online diet weight loss program version was modelled after this book. 

This site offers a lot of information and tools with the free membership which is very impressive and the premium membership includes even more like a customized meal plans, expert fitness plans and online coaching by dietitians.


When using Diet.com you can complete a free personality profile here.

There is a 70 question survey that helps your particular eating habit and exercise habit, emotional eating concerns and lifestyle. 

When I did the questionnaire my personal eating profile came back as a “swing eater”   and my exercise profile is  “set routine repeater" and my coping was “people pleaser” 

These results described my own personality and my lifestyle.

The results from the personality eating profile are then used to build your own personal meal plans.

At Diet.com you can join as a free online diabetic diet program member and receive the results of the personality profile, but if you wish to receive the meal plans you need to upgrade to the premium memebership.

Your personal meal plan and calorie intake is base on your weight, age and your 70 question profile result.

This diabetic weight loss diet program has some great recipes which is easy to prepare.


The exercise plan also have a strategies that will help you reach your goal based on your profile results. You will receive a fitness plan ( or the alternative fitness plan) each week.

Diet.com has an online program includes fitness “cards”  where you can view and print off a step by step instruction on different type of exercises.

They also have a ton of animated workout demos and exercised log which you're able to print off and see your exercise progress.

There are many fitness tips that you can read. The fitness tip are included in the free membership and you can also track your exercise with the free membership. The only thing that you do not get is the workout plans, you must become a premium member.


When you join you get access to a support group, which includes a message boards, group and diet buddies where you can find people with similar goals.

They also have a weight loss challenge groups that you will be able to join. All of these support features are in the free membership.

Diabetic Weight Loss Diet Tools

Diet.com has many other tools that are included with the free membership.

The tools that are include with the free membership are: weight tracking, meal tracking, exercise tracking and access to the support group.

Please note that when you sign up with the free plan that with the meal tracking, you must enter everything manually as you do not have access to the meal plan and database unless you are a premium member.

Now what do you get with the premium online diet program membership. You get everything that listed above, you also get your weekly meal plans, weekly fitness plans and access to their database to makes sure tracking your weight, meal and exercise more efficient.

In addition of all of that you also get access to online support from their experts

Price and Freebies

On Diet.com you have different price plan based on the number of months that you take. The 12 month plan is the best price for the money with the price per week at $2.29 plus and initiation fee of $19.95 for a total $139.35 for the year.

All the diet programs include the $19.95 initiation fee. The 6 month plan is about $2.54 per week. In total that comes up to $85.65 that includes the initiation fee. There is a 3 month membership which is $3.49 per week plus the initiation fee for a total of $64.80 and if you want to pay per month at $4.99 per week plus the $19.95 for a total of $39.90.

As a free member you get a ton of stuff which includes recipes with search capability, many weight loss and fitness tips, access to some great exercise videos, and the ability to read blogs entries, Also with the free membership you have access to the tools that I have mentioned above.

Diabetic Weight Loss Diet Summary

To summarize Diet.com this is a good diabetic weight loss diet program and if you take into consideration your personality on eating and exercise. The website offers a lot of information where you can get lost with all that information that they give you.

If you are the type of person that really love a step but step on your meal plan and exercising. I would highly recommend you take the premium membership. The yearly plan works out to be the best price for you money.

This diabetic weight loss diet site is a must visit just to check out their freebies as well as the memberships.   Check out their site for more details - diet.com

For more diabetes information check out the Canadians Diabetes 

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