Diabetic Turkey Recipes

Try these diabetic turkey recipes to reduce the fat and calorie in you recipes.

Whenever you get a chance use turkey as an alternative to ground meat is a healthy way to cook up meals.

You can use these recipes for you next dinner, cook-out or even for a tasty appetizer.

All the recipe below will list the ingredients needed, step by step directions,diabetic nutrition and a nutrition information.

Diabetic Turkey Recipes

Turkey Breakfast Sausage

This breakfast sausage is a delicious way to to add a little extra to your scrambled eggs in the morning for the whole family.

Turkey Taco Nachos

This appetizer recipes is perfect when you have a craving for Mexican food, By using ground turkey instead of beef, this makes this classic Mexican  dish into a healthier one.

Turkey Sloppy Joes Recipe

This turkey sloppy joes recipe is a diabetic friendly recipe with a twist on an old time favourite.

Turkey Burger Recipe

This red pepper and feta turkey burger recipe is one of my favourite and I hope it will be your as well.

Italian Style Stuffed Tomatoes

If you like stuffed peppers, give these a try. Serve these summer-fresh tomatoes with a whole-grain baguette and iced tea.

Indian Spiced Turkey Wrap

Eat up this Indian spiced turkey wrap to start your day off healthy.

Turkey Bolognese Sauce Recipe

Made with lean turkey breast, this robust sauce makes a perfect weeknight can't-go-wrong meal. It also keeps well, so make a double batch and freeze it for up to 2 months.

Turkey Chili Recipe

This Turkey Chili Recipe  is great for when the weather outside is cold.The tomatoes and jalapenos garbanzos, black beans, and kidney beans, are what make this chili special. 

More recipes:

Vegetable Chili

This is great chilli recipe that will help warm you up in the winter. The green peppers and diced onions are what make this chili unique. If you really want to blend the flavors together, just transfer it into a crockpot and let it simmer all day.

Diabetic Fish Recipes

These diabetic fish recipes are some of my favourite. To tell you the truth I love fish , fish and more fish and all these meal are a fish lover paradise.  So give then a try and leave a comment below and tell me how you like them.

Diabetic Appetizer Recipes 

So I have two kids and we have tons of family parties, get together and holidays parties and every time that we celebrate we eat. So I try to bring some diabetic friendly appetizer to these parties. Check out this page to find out some great appetizer.

For more recipes Diabetic Gourmet

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