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One of the things that often makes it difficult for people to start and then maintain an exercise routine is boredom: They’ll begin walking, for example, and see some physical changes, such as weight loss or energy improvement. But then those changes will stagnate, and the person will lose interest, eventually giving up the exercise—and starting at square one if they begin again.

There’s a better way to approach improving physical health, and it’s called cross training. Sometimes referred to as muscle confusion, cross training is all about varying your workouts—changing patterns, equipment, repetitions, or rest, or integrating new-to-you exercises, in order to trick the body. When you trick the body, you help it use muscles that it’s not used to using, which builds strength in unexpected places. Cross training can help with a number of different factors in fitness, from tackling cardio plateaus to weight loss and reduced risk of injury.

Cross training can take a number of different forms. You may do stretches one day, then an intense exercise class the next, followed by a swim and then weight lifting. You can even cross train during a single workout, breaking a 30-minute session into three different 10-minute workouts. The key is to include elements that improve flexibility, aerobic levels, and strength, as well as incorporate low-impact elements.

If you’re bored or simply want to try to break through to the next level in fitness, give cross training a try with tips in this graphic.

Cross Training Tips

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