Crab Walk With Stretch Bands

The crab walk is a great exercise for the hips and butt. This exercise is fun, yet challenging. It is relatively easy to perform, although it can be demanding for some. You will want to ensure that the legs are thoroughly warmed up before doing this exercise.

Begin the crab walk by securing the resistance band around the ankles. When done correctly, this exercise should be done from a squatting position. Next, take a giant step to the side (laterally). Slowly bring the other leg in within inches from the lead leg and repeat.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to count the number of steps you take because the trailing leg will need the same amount of work.

To make the crab walk easier, you can do the exercise from a standing position (instead of squatting) or you can use lighter resistance bands. To add difficulty, use heavier resistance bands or increase the number of steps.

Step 1

Secure the O-loop around the ankles. Squat down.

Step 2

Take a wide lateral step. Bring trailing leg within inches from lead leg.

Step 3

Repeat the exercise.

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