Body Fat Calculator for Diabetes

This body fat calculator for diabetes uses US Navy formula  you can use metric or US measurements, gender, weight, hip and neck  measurements to calculate your body fat.

These result will give you a close estimate of how much body fat that you are carrying around, but to get the your correct body fat that you have you will need to do a skin fold test.

If you’re looking for quick estimate and something that is easy and close enough, then this tool will give you what you need to know.

Body Fat Calculator

Body Fat Results

So once you get the results your are now asking yourself what does it mean. The result that is return will fall into one out of the five categories. Essential Fat, Athletic, Fit, Acceptable or Excess Body Fat.

Why would you use a Body Fat Calculator for Diabetes?

There are different calculators and methods of find out your body fat%.  

Your body fat in pounds is determined by using your current body weight and then multiply by your body fat percentage.

So for example if a person weight 180 and has a body fat percentage of 15% (180 *0.15) your body fat would weight 27lbs. So what you're left with is lean body mass the would be 153lbs.

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Your lean body mass is made of organs, muscles,tissue, bones, blood and all other non fat body parts.

Now you might have heard about all the negative things about fat but you still need some fat for the essential like helps keep the body warm, protects organs and tissues and is the main form of energy stored by the body.

Using the Calculator for Diabetes will give you a quick estimate of your body fat. Now using this tool does not give you an exact body fat % but a quick estimate. The only way to find out the correct body fat is to do a skin fold method.

Skin fold test

When using the skin fold measurement for fat, there are different measurement and formula to find out how much body fat that you are carry around. You will measure several area using a skinfold calliper to pinching the skin and write down the measurements.

The area of the body that you will measure will be the chest, biceps, abdominals, thighs, calves, triceps and lower back.

Once you have collected all the measurement  you will use the the information to calculate your body fat %.

Once you find out your body fat percentage check out the BMI calculator for diabetics to see if you are at risk for any other health issue like diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

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