Benefit of Abs Exercise And Diabetes

Do you know the benefit of abs exercise and diabetes that carrying extra weight around your stomach is common with people with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetic, but the truth about abs does not have to be this way to get a flat tummy and control diabetes. As a matter a fact trimming the belly fat doesn't only make you feel better but it could also help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Making the abs muscle stronger also has other advantages for one they support your lower back to hold you up right, which also give you your perfect posture when you sit and walk. So continual poor posture put your abdominal  muscles to sleep leaving you with a belly bump as well with an aching back.

A good ab workout is the key to reduce your belly fat strengthen your midsection and also increasing your metabolism which in turn will burn fat, control your sugar levels and lose weight.

The first step to lose your belly fat is change your diet and the second is find a great ab workout  that will flatten your stomach and get rid of your belly bump once and for all.

Here are some myths that some people think they need to do to get a flatter stomach.

Myth # 1. Doing many ab exercise will  get me  those rip six pack.

Reality. Your progress will plateau if you do the same exercises, regardless of reps. The key is variations for example try a front plank followed by a left-side plank and a right-side plank -- forces you to contract your abs for long intervals, which helps carve your midsection.  

Myth # 2.  Abdominal exercise involve a lot of movement.

Reality. Stomach exercise need a steadiness are the best. When you bend your spine while doing crunches you increase the chance injuring you back by dislocating disk in your back. That’s I would suggest doing exercises like planks. Your abs do all the work to keep you stabilized and lower your risk of back injury.

Myth # 3. Rotational exercises are best for building your obliques.

Reality. Rotational exercises don't build obliques well and can harm the spine in some cases. Instead you the squat, dead-lift which make you obliques work harder to keep your spine aligned.For more challenge, add unbalanced moves -- the single-leg lunge, for example, or a dead-lift with one dumbbell.

Here are some great abs exercise that you can try to flatten your tummy.

But if you really want a flat stomach make sure you follow my abs diet

Crunch Exercise

The crunch exercise is the most common exercise for the abdominal. It is a great exercise for the stomach. when you are just starting out.

Reverse Crunch

The reverse crunch main focus is in the lower abs. It gets deep into the core muscles and really strengthen your stomach muscles.

Vertical Leg Crunch

The vertical leg crunch start off like the crunch exercise but takes it to the next level

 Long Arm Crunch

The long arm crunch is a modified of the crunch exercise.

This exercise focus on working the rectus abdominis muscle.

The Plank Pose

The plank pose exercise is a non-mover of the correct name is called isometric.

If you are looking for that Six Pack or Flat Stomach ?

Don’t fall into the trap “as seen on TV” gimmicks or very expensive (and potentially harmful) fat burning pill or powders

Instead , here is the truth about getting those head-turning midsection...and keeping it. The Truth About Abs by Michael Geary is a hype-free exercise and diet program that have been proven to work. Try it and see it work for you...

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