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Aerobics exercise is also called cardio (cardiovascular exercises) are workout that get your heart rate pumping within your heart rate zone.

As you do an cardiovascular exercise you are moving your legs, arms and body with a rhythmic movement that allow your body to pump oxygen and blood all over your body.

By doing these exercise your are strengthen your heart, burning calories and fat.

With so many different types of aerobics routines out there you will never get bored.

Many of your day to day activities may be considered as cardiovascular exercise.

Here are some example of this that you do around the house that is considered cardiovascular exercise: mowing the lawn, walking the dog, even going up and down stairs to do laundry.

If you really want to get the full benefit of aerobic exercise you must include a structured workout like: walking, running, swimming, cycling, dancing or some sort of high activity exercise. 

To make sure that you get to full benefit from aerobics, you want to make sure to incorporate a structured workout routine that includes activities such as walking, running, swimming, cycling, dancing or high activity exercise. 

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

There is a lot of benefits of aerobic exercise. It not only help you to lose weight and burn calories and fat, but it can also reduce and minimize risk to many medical conditions.

If you do about 30 minutes of aerobics 3 to 4 times a week, you can minimize the medical risks and diseases like:

  • Heart Disease
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol

Here additional benefits of Aerobic Exercise:

  • Reducing risk of obesity
  • Improved immune system
  • Improved circulation
  • Increased Stamina
  • Improved Alertness
  • Strengthen Heart Muscle
  • More Energy

Here is a great article on the Top 10 reasons to get physical by the Mayo Clinic.

Burning fat with Aerobic Exercise

Did you know that aerobic exercise is the best way to lose weight, burn fat and control your glucose levels. When you have a structure cardio workout, you not only get the medical benefits of reducing risks factor of certain diseases, you will burn calories and fat.

When doing a low to medium impact cardio workout burns about 60% of fat of the total calories burned during exercise.

Here is an example of how much calories that you can burn during a 45 minutes brisk walk, You would be able to burn approximately 250 calories and out of that you would be burning 150 fat calories.

The total number of calories varies from person to person and it all depends on your age, gender, weight and activity. The best way to know how much calories you burned during exercise you check it out here exercise calorie calculator.

Even though a low and medium cardio workout bring you a higher percent of fat burned, it also gives you a lower total of calories burned.

While doing high impact cardio you can burn more calories and approximately 35% of this would be fat used for energy.

So depending on how many calories burned , you will get a higher fat burning with a higher impact aerobics exercise. However, you need to makes sure that you can keep up the high intensity level for the full duration to get the maximum benefit of Exercise To Burn Fat.

Best Aerobics Exercise

Before you start aerobics exercise you should make a weekly planned exercise routine, that includes both aerobic and strength training exercise to get the most out of your weight loss routines. 

Also when you are creating a cardio workout try to make it fun, by adding variety, you will most likely stick to your workouts. There are a few different types of cardio workouts out there.

You can purchase a great program like Burn The Fat Feed the Muscle. or you can go for a brisk walk, jogging or running. 

In addition you can join a gym and use all the training equipment there such as the treadmill or elliptical machine or purchase your own training machine.

Another great way is to mix it up with aerobic and anaerobic exercises are to try high intense interval training or circuit training.

One of the downfall of doing some aerobics exercise are the impact to your joints: especially the knees. Now if you have joint problems or are past the age 40 then try doing some aerobics that are much easier for example.

One joint friendly exercise is water aerobics exercises.

Or you can do a brisk walk instead of running or use an elliptical machine instead of a treadmill.

If you are going to use the treadmill make sure to keep at a brisk walk and use the incline to get the benefit and to challenging your workout.

Another way to make you aerobic exercise more fun is to listen to music while you workout.

Here is a great aerobic exercise that I like to do in the summer is cycling. Cycling gives you all the benefits of aerobic exercise plus you get to enjoy the outdoors and easy on the joints.

What ever cardio workout that you choose, you should make sure to do at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week.

By doing aerobic exercise this will minimize the risk of certain diseases like type 2 diabetes and also help you to lose weight.

Below are some exercise that you can try:

Here is a great Aerobic Exercise that you can try. 

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