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Hi my name is Cyril and thank you for visiting my site. It was around 1999 when I start my career as a Fraud Risk & Prevention Analyst. I was fresh out of college new job, new car life was good.

My weight ballooned up to 275lbs (124kg) while my doctor did warned me that I was borderline diabetic with a family history of diabetes, Black/ African descent and poor eating habits I totally ignored my  doctor.

So one day while at my desk I stood up from my chair and my head started to spin and I almost fell flat on my face but I brushed it off as I got up too quickly.

I started to get super thirsty didn't matter how much water I drank I just couldn't quench my thirst, but once again I told myself that the doctor said I should be drinking more water which was good so I ignored that warning. 

While drink all that water I was heading to the wash room more often than usual, for example I live in Montreal, Canada and I was heading to New York to visit family by bus which is a 6 to 7 drive, Usually I was able to hold my urine until the bus made it’s one rest stop, but for some reason I was unable to hold myself and I was going to the bathroom on the bus about ten times during the whole bus ride but once again I did recognize as being diabetic.

So how I found out I was diabetic you're asking well I wanted to set myself with life insurance and the insurance company sent over a nurse to do a medical exam and the nurse said “whoa” after testing my blood he said you should go see a doctor because your  blood sugar is very high.

So thinking back to all the symptoms that I was having and doing some research on the internet, everything was pointing to diabetes. 

I went  in to see the doctor, I told him all the symptoms that I was having he sent me to do some blood test and the next morning he called and said “you have diabetes” and prescribe medication which I was to take right away.  

So I told myself that I need to change my eating habits, start exercising and continue to take my medication, but where do I start the internet was new and people were saying don’t believe everything your read on the internet. So I tried everything from Atkins, Weight Watchers, low carb to no carb diets, but the problem with those diets is that once I stop doing those I would put back the weight and even more. 

So you know what worked the best is not being on a diet but eating smarter following the glycemic index. 


The next step was to find a workout program that worked for me, so I decided that building muscle was the way to go ( and also being young women like the look of muscles too :-) ) So I decide to started going to the gym but over time I found out that the more muscles tone I had the better it would help in control my blood sugar levels. So with the combination with eating smarter and exercise I didn’t only control diabetes but I also lose weight and look better in my clothing.

So what I wanted to do with this site is show you what I did to lose my weight, the exercises I did and the foods that I eat to control my diabetes.

So if you have any questions and would like to get in contact or you have any tips or recipes that you would like to share I would be glad to share it with the rest of the diabetic community.  

Information on this site

On this site I wanted to show you how I controlled my type 2 diabetes with exercise and diet and I think the key is you need to lose weight.

You’re going to find tips, tools, fitness video and tons of article on weight loss and diabetes.

Be sure to check out the free weight loss tools that you will need to control your calorie intake.

These tools I've use often to track weight lost to get to my weight goal.

The exercises and weight loss tips that you find on this site are geared to get you to a healthier you. (no-hype or high sales pitch sales)

Use this free information to make smart choices so you can control your pre-diabetes or Type 2 diabetes so that you could stay fit for life.

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