Abdominal Crunches

Abdominal Crunches

The abdominal crunches is the most common and the best exercise for your abs. They are the most easiest stomach workout and if they are done correctly can be very effective.

If you are looking to flatten your stomach then check out the exercises below.

These are the most common stomach exercises, but if you really want to get those 6 pack check Mike Geary at the truth about abs and he can get you those six pack you are looking for. 

As for the abdominal exercise works both the upper and lower muscles, or your rectus abdominis.

If you do not know what the rectus abdominis  it is also called your six pack. 

Most people think the there are two section the upper and lower ab muscles.  

But actually it is just one long muscle.   

So when you do these exercise you will be working on the whole muscle but you will be focusing on the upper or the lower area of the muscle.  

Top 7 Crunches


Reverse Crunch

Vertical Leg Crunch

Long Arm Crunch

Stability Ball Crunch

V-Ups Exercise

Bicycle Crunch

Pros and Cons of Abdominal Crunches

The  pros of doing the crunches is that you do not need any special abdominal exercise equipment. 

The only thing that you need is a spot on the floor and an exercise mat.

Another advantage to crunches  there is very little stress on the lower back than some other advanced abdominal exercises. 

Some cons or disadvantages of doing ab crunches is the limited range of motion.

The crunch exercise requires very little motion of the spine and stomach, which in turns limits the area  of muscle that you are working out. 

Another disadvantage to doing crunches is that it requires no added resistance in the form or weight or an exercise ball.

Therefore you can plateau your strength training while doing abdominal crunches.Then try  on an exercise ball or add some weights to the crunches.

Here are some great Abs exercises.

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