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Do you want to get some abs? Do you know getting those six pack that everyone is looking for does not start in the gym but in the kitchen.

The diet below is a short term diet plan that should not run over two months.

With the combination of a great cardio, HIIT and strength workout you should start seeing some results in no time.

The diet below is six meals a day - six options each.


  1. Bowl of oatmeal with berries
  2. Green smooth
  3. Homemade protein bar or breakfast bar
  4. Low fat yogurt with banana or pear
  5. 3 eggs spinach and mushrooms
  6. ½ serving protein pancakes

Morning Snack

  1. Turkey or pork ham with raw vegetables
  2. Cheese sticks with a handful of grapes
  3. Sliced of apples with a 1 table spoon of peanut butter
  4. Cup cantaloupe with almonds
  5. Sliced of tomato with mozzarella 
  6. Pear with walnuts or almonds


  1. Chicken, green beans and sweet potatoes
  2. Turkey ham sandwich on multigrain bread
  3. Sweet potatoes with cottage cheese
  4. Baked salmon with brown rice and vegetables
  5. Tuna and lettuce salad with light mayo
  6. Chicken breast light caesar salad

Afternoon Snack

  1. Low fat greek yogurt with honey
  2. Handful of almonds with apple or orange
  3. ½ Homemade protein bar or breakfast bar
  4. Low fat sugar free chocolate milk of shake
  5. Sardines bruschetta toast with tomatoes
  6. Cottage cheese with pineapple


  1. Chicken breast with green beans or broccoli
  2. Meatballs or burgers with cucumbers
  3. Tuna and lettuce salad with light mayo
  4. Lean pork with cauliflower and broccoli
  5. Baked ground pork with eggplant
  6. Baked salmon with broccoli

Evening Snack

  1. Low fat greek yogurt with cinnamon
  2. Hard boiled egg with ½ light mayo
  3. Turkey or pork ham with cucumbers
  4. Low fat sugar free chocolate milk of shake
  5. ½ chiken breast stripes with garlic yogurt 
  6. Cubed ham with cottages cheese

Meat | Poultry| Fish| Dairy amounts: up to 6 oz [170g]  per meal.

Nut a handful a day maximum - can be split between meals

Bread always whole grain, maximum 1 slice a day or none.

Morning | Afternoon | Evening snacks can be used for post & pre workout meals.


1 Buy chicken breasts, plain greek yogurts and cottage cheese, oatmeal, turkey and pork ham (lean), sweet potato, tuna cans, frozen vegetables, apples, oranges and pears in bulk.

2 Buy frozen vegetables (beans, broccoli, spinach) or freeze fresh for easier storage, it takes roughly 20-25 minutes to roast frozen veggies in the oven covered with foil from frozen. Keep only basic fresh stuff on hand e.g., tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce.

3 Meals 2, 4 & 6 are snacks and should be fairly small. Ideally you want to have only one type of fruit a day so pick one and spread it through two snacks e.g., half a banana in the morning and then half a banana with a few nuts for Meal 2.

4 You can replace Meals 2, 4 & 6 with protein shakes if you use shakes.

5 Intake of nuts and nut butter should be carefully controlled - you can have one or the other in 24hrs. If you are having nuts in the morning and during the day, split a handful into two portions.

6 Pre-cook Meals 3 & 5 when possible.

7 Potatoes are easily microwaved, half a sweet potato into two halves and microwave for 10-15 minutes until cooked all the way through.

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