1200 Diabetic Diet Snack

Now before you start this 1200 Diabetic Diet you should go consult your doctor and make sure that it’s ok to start on this 1200 calorie diet or any other diet plan you might start. This page is a continuation from 1200 calorie diabetic diet make sure you select a breakfast first before coming to this page.

These 1200 calorie diabetic diet was created by nutritionist and health professionals.

Choose one of these menus for lunch. Don't forget to select a Breakfast Lunch , and a Supper to create your 1200 calorie diet.

Snack #1


3 ( 2 ½ inch) graham crackers

80 Calorie

Snack #2


1 small apple 

or orange 

63 Calorie

45 Calorie

Snack #3


¾ c. blueberries 63 11 g. 0 g. 1 Fruit 

63 Calorie

Snack #4


5 reduced fat crackers

125 Calorie

Snack #5


1 slice whole wheat toast and 2 tsp. light jelly 

60 Calorie

Snack #6


3 ginger snaps 

90 Calorie

Snack #7


3 c. air popped popcorn

93 Calorie

Snack #8


½ c. canned fruit in light syrup or juice 

67 Calorie

Snack #9


1 c. non-fat milk 

91 Calorie

Snack #10


1 c. low fat buttermilk

86 Calorie

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